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Setup your HP printer using the setup website

HP printers have acquired a reputable name for themselves within the printing world. They are wholly dependable and reliable devices which offer a wide range of printers to meet the needs of every customer as well. One of the first things which you are required to do when you purchase a printer is to make sure that you set it up in a proper manner. This is also to be done according to the instructions which have been laid out below. Why the method of 123.hp/setup being done properly is important is so that lesser errors arise in the larger scheme of things and while using the printer itself.

The good thing about you buying an HP printer is that it will not only be a product which is of superior quality and will ensure all your work is completed in a proper manner. The printing is impeccable, the kind of quality which it ensures is better than a lot of other options available in the market. And you will always be able to find yourself a printer which is within your price range and are able to afford it as well.

123 hp com setup

There are also several allied benefits to opting to buy for your-self an HP printer. Some of these have been given below:
  • Owing to it being a fairly popular company, it will have service centers or customer care across the world. Thus wherever it is that you are located, you will be able to access the service center of the particular place.
  • The company has also setup a lot of call service helplines for their customers across the world, in a bid to make solving problems a much easier exercise for them.
  • The HP company printer, being something which a lot of consumers across the world favor, will also be helpful when there is some issue relating to fixing a part of the printer etc. and replace it, then it will be easy to source and locate the parts of the printer.
  • This will also end up saving you a lot of money in the long run, because this is a printer which is highly available across the world, not only will the separate parts be available easily, but they will also come for lesser prices as compared to other printers.
  • These should be factors which you bear in mind when taking a decision about which printer to purchase before you do. However it is also recommended that since there are a lot of different kinds of printer within HP itself, one must bear in mind what are the specifics which they are looking for out of a printer before deciding on a particular model.
  • For instance, the kind of work requirement which would be needed out of a printer meant for home purposes would be very different from that required out of a printer which is meant for office purposes.
  • Even before purchasing, one must read up on the requirement which they have out of a printer and then purchase one accordingly. For constant printing, there are also the more advanced HP printers which can sustain long hours of printing work and without diluting the quality of the printing as well.

Highlighted below is how the setup process of the HP printer must be done. Now it is important that the entire setup is followed in a proper manner, because there could be issues which arise at later stages of the implementation if it is not done properly.

How to setup your printer using the 123 HP printer setup

  1. While following these steps and starting out with the make sure that you start out by first ensuring you have opened the printer packaging in a proper manner. There are always printer leaflets which you get along with the device, now ensure that you have kept this and the printer manual with you as it will be needed at a later stage.
  2. Ensure that you place your printer in a suitable position away from excess heat and dust so that it does not hamper the functioning at all. The hp com setup will require you to attach the required cables, establish wire connection with the printer wherever required according to the printer manual which you have received at the time of purchase.
  3. Only once that you have attached the wires to your printer should you start the device and begin the process of hp com setup and proceed with the further steps. This will also require you to pay close attention to and bear in mind exactly which model of printer it is that you have purchased and note it down.
  4. Make sure that before you go to the you have also attached the other peripheral and ancillary parts of your printer properly. This includes things like printing tray, ink within it etc. All of this has to be done with respect to the hardware of your device and the entire process must be done prior to proceeding to the website too.
123 hp setup
123 com setup
  1. Ensure that you also remove any extra packing paper or other materials which may have been left behind during putting together the printer’s hardware. Remove it from the printer and then start out with the 123 hp printer setup.
  2. Now after this you can go to the official 123.hp website and wait for it to load completely. Once the page has been initialized, you will be shown a box in which you have to type the name of the printer model which you have.
  3. Make sure that you type the exact correct model because the software which gets downloaded onto your device depends on the name which you type. And sometimes in the process, one may note down an incorrect model number or type of printer, which leads to a lot of errors later.
  4. For instance, if the software for another printer gets downloaded onto your device, it will not only be unable to work with the printer but might also cause glitch and other serious errors at a later stage. Which is also why typing in the correct name of the printer model is a very important part of this process.
  1. Make sure that once you type in the name of the printer model, you will be shown the download link for the printer driver software which follows from there. For this you only have to download the required software.
  2. Give it a few minutes for the download to get completed properly and saved onto your device. After this, click on the downloaded link which has been saved on your computer or device and then give it a few minutes to load.
  3. What follows is the process by which you have to install the software onto your computer and device. Follow the boxes and affirm the checklists whichever may be required to fulfill this task before you move forward.
  4. The process of installing the printer driver software will also take a few minutes. Ensure that during this stage you have a good working internet connection or Wi-Fi because this process should ideally not be interrupted as it might have problems during the downloading.
  5. This process usually takes a little bit of time to happen. Give it time, and wait until the installing of the printer driver software has been completed properly. This will then be saved as a folder on your device.
printer setup
123 hp printer setup
  1. Make sure that your printer has been connected to the internet as well, and then you can start out by conducting a few test print runs to see if the setup process for 123 HP printer setup has been successful in the way that you implemented it.
  2. However if some issues arise in the course of it make sure that you either go over all the steps again or look at the options for customer care services which are offered by HP. There are also 24×7 chats which give you solutions for your printer technical problems or any other concerns which may arise in the process.
  3. Note that along with this, there are many forums which will help you resolve some specific problems if they arise with respect to the printer, and you can also have a look at these because they involve discussions on the problems you might be having. You will also have the opinions of a lot of consumers on the product which you are using.
  4. But you can start out by ensuring that you have followed all the guidelines which are laid out in this article and conduct a test print.