Top 5 Best Ways to Print Using Printer Apps for Android

Top 5 Best Ways to Print Using Printer Apps for Android

5 Ways to Print Using Printer Apps for Android

All thanks to the advancement in the technology and smartphones, it is now easily possible for you to connect your android smartphone to the printer and get the print outs of your files, documents, and images in no time.

Now it is no more a problem when you have an important file in your android smartphone and you wish to take the print out of it urgently. All you need is any of the best free printer applications for your smartphone.

There are countless number of printer applications available for android operating systems but the only thing that matters is to have a free application and the one that actually works effectively. If you are looking for the best yet the free printer applications for your android smartphone then you have landed on the very accurate page because we have covered the 5 best free printer apps for android that are extremely effective and have 100% positive reviews as well.

Let’s get into detail of these top 5 Print Printer Apps Android.

5 Best Free Printer Apps for Android

Star Print

If you are looking for an application which is not brand specific and works with any printer brand, then opting for the Star Print will be a great option. It lets you print from multiple sources like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB as well. This application is extremely suitable and easy to print documents, web pages, picture, emails, maps and others from your phone memory. When it comes to printing images or pictures, it allows you to choose a picture either from the gallery of your phone or from Instagram as well.

This application supports more than 4000 models from all the top brands like HP, Canon, Epson, Brother, Samsung, Kodak, and all others. There won’t be any issue for you to get started with this application. The best part of the Star Print app is that it allows you to use anything right from letter to legal, from executive to postcard, a 3-inch CD to allowing you to select paper size. The application does contain in-app ads but you need not to worry much about them as they don’t affect the process of printing. In case if you find it hard to adjust with the in-app ads, you can pay a really small amount to get them removed.

Cloud Print

The second most popular android application for printing job is Cloud Print. For all the users who don’t like a lot of bells and whistles from their printer, this application is highly recommended to you all. This application lets you print any file. Document or picture from any of the Google Cloud by connecting it to your printer. This basically means that you can print from anywhere in the world. So now you can easily pull any of your important files or favorite pictures that you have saved in different applications like gallery and can get them delivered easily and directly on your Google Cloud printer. You can also track the jobs, print and can also connect with the other Cloud Prints as well.

Epson iPrint

The next printer application for android that is free of cost is Epson iPrint. This application makes working with Epson printers, specifically the ones that are Wi-Fi enabled, a dream. It allows you to use all the features of your printer through the application itself. It makes it easy to print, scan and sharing a document by just pressing a button. You can also configure your print job as per your printing requirements. You can change the paper size, weight, type and the number of copies to be printed. It allows you to print the web pages along with many other kinds of documents like Word, Excel, and PDF as well. It also supports Box, Dropbox, Evernote, and Google Docs.

HP All-In-One Printer Remote

This is a great application that is not only designed to help you print alone but also allows you to set up your new HP printer from the app itself. This is also not all what this application is able to do. It can also optimize different documents present in your android smartphone. You can also use your phone camera for creating high quality JPEGs or PDFs of pictures & documents, and then get them printed directly from your printer. It also supports Dropbox, Box, Evernote, and Google Drive. The social media platforms supported by the app are Facebook & Instagram. The app works with almost all the HP printer models from 2010.

Samsung Mobile Print This app almost the same features as we discussed for the dedicated android applications for HP and Epson. But there are certainly a few improvements like it has a really clear and easy interface. When it comes to brand dedicated applications for printing, the Epson and the HP sometimes feel a bit cluttered but this not the case with this application. The navigation panel of Samsung’ Mobile Print makes it super easy and comfortable to jump from one function to another. You can print, fax, or scan the documents using this application. You can also take your data from cloud sources like Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and more. The social media support is also present with websites like Tumblr and Facebook.

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