How to Connect Brother DCP-T710W Printer to Laptop?

How to Connect Brother DCP-T710W Printer to Laptop?

The process for connecting brother dcp-t710w printer to laptop computer is very simple. Wireless connection is required by printer and laptop will require a bridge to transfer a work for the printer. The brother printer is setup with a secure network and every action is heard by printer administrator. The connection for the brother printer will not be disturbed until there is change in password or security settings.

Brother Printer Setup

Simple Steps to Connect Brother DCP-T710W Printer:

1-In order to setup the connection, both printer and laptop should be connected to the same wireless network.
2-After that to bring the device online they must be separated.
3-Brother printer can be connected through the hard- line but laptop will remain offline.
4-To bring both of them online they should be connected with same network.
5-When the devices are online, download the printer driver in laptop.
6- Once the driver will be installed, the network function will start working properly
7- The printer comes with guide book to install the network.
8- Follow the steps given there and install the driver.
9- After the installation of driver on computer, a set of prompt will trigger.
10- Follow the given instructions to name the network and locate the SSID
11- After that it will show the printer, select the device and click on next button for the further process of setup.
12- After all this process the printer will be recognised, the laptop will be connected to the network and it will be easy to communicate through it.

Go for the direct connection

If you are not able to connect a brother printer to wireless network then there is another to go for it.

Steps are as follows:-

1- If you are failed in the above mentioned connection then try a hard-line connection to send jobs through the laptop to the printer.
2- After that connect the ethernet cord to the laptop and computer.
3- It is the best solution to connect the printer when it is needed as soon as it is possible.
4- It will save the time and the best way to connect through when it needed fir short – term.
5- The direct connection is not only easy for the laptop but also for the computers.
6- Utilize an same cord or send the archive through email and effectively utilize the computer to open and print through the common connection.

Still the above mentioned ways don’t work for the connection of brother dcp-t710w printer to laptop than please let us know so that we can explain the process in brief in our next article.

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