How to connect your Brother printer to WiFi

How to connect your Brother printer to WiFi

The process to connect your Brother printer to a wireless network is rather simple. This article highlights everything you need to know in this regard. And it has been listed in a manner which is easy to follow for a user as well connect brother printer to wifi The plus side about Brother printers being that owing to it being a company which produces high-quality products, the device gives you a lot of options in regard to the kind of customer service help which you can get out of them.

This could be ranging from help by technical experts on the device to establish connection, or to even have professionals help with things like connecting the Brother printer to WiFi with the help of phone services. There are also chat services which offer this option in this regard. Make sure you however first follow this article to attempt the process on your own.

How to connect brother printer to WiFi

  1. Start out by first making sure that the device has been connected to a proper power source on it. This would also mean checking if the printer router is working and connected too. The requirement is also of a network router which is in working condition. In different kinds of routers, the SSID, passcode and password are usually given on the side or the bottom of the router as well.
  2. You can also check the printer documentation if the details are not available on the Brother printer. Start out by connecting and switching on the Brother printer first. You have to now to go the control panel option in the device. once you have done this, and then click on the menu option within it.
  3. There are a list of options which will be available when the new pages open on the device. use the arrows on the keyboard to ensure you select the network option on your printer. Then click on the network devices option on it.
  4. After this then move on to selecting the wireless LAN option on this device. note however that this is something which not be applicable to all the devices of Brother printer. The steps may vary slightly based on the kind of printer model which is present with you.
  5. Once this has been done, then you can again navigate the options given below and pick the wizard setup option within the printer. The new page opens up and you have to give it some to load as well.
  6. Now what happens after this is that you will have a list of network options which will show on your screen. Make sure that you have time to show on the screen you can see all of the network options which are available for you. You will have to choose the network options which you want to establish a connection with.
  7. You will have to navigate the options within there and click on the network which you have to connect with. Make sure you give it time and then establish a printer connection. This might take some time for the connection to get established. Click on OK and then close the dialog box which opens in front of your screen.
  8. You might also in some cases, might need to type in the name of the printer SSID, passcode etc. for the printer connection to be established. Ensure you click on yes and save the settings. Once the printer has been connected, usually the network space on the device will show connected on your printer screen.
  9. Ensure that you have also downloaded all the required printer software on your device. this can be done with the help of the printer CD or you can also do this with the help of the Canon printer website as well.

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