How to Find WPS Pin Brother Printer

How to Find WPS Pin Brother Printer

The WPS pin is an 8 digit Pin use for connecting the printer to print wirelessly from anywhere. It even comes out with an encrypted ‘WPA or WPA 2’ protocols. So as to finish the printer connectivity process successfully it’s vital to have a WPS pin. You’ll connect your Brother printer to the specified device if you’ve got a WPS pin. Many users have a question where to seek out the WPS Pin Brother Printer. Finding the WPS Pin isn’t difficult, simple instructions can assist you with that. If you’re trying to line up your wireless printer, you’ll be prompted to supply the WPS pin to finish the Brother printer setup. Don’t worry, if you are doing not know the WPS Pin Brother printer; this guide can assist you with that. Below, we’ve shared the step-by-step instructions which will assist you to beat the WPS Pin issue in order that you’ll easily find the Pin for connecting your Brother printer.

Now let’s get into the topic, how to find the WPS PIN for my Brother printer?

The printer setup procedure usually prompts the WPS pin once you have enabled the Wi-Fi direct on your printer and trying to feature the ‘WiFi Direct connection’ from the ‘printers and scanners’ window on your device. In that scenario, it’s recommended to use the ‘Wireless Setup Wizard’ or ‘Control Panel’ method for the Configuration of the wireless connection method. Below, we are sharing the step by step guidelines which will assist you to attach the Brother printer for successfully completing the printer setup process.

Suppose you see a screen where the message popped up appears and says like ‘Enter the WPS Pin for your multi-functional printer’. You have to tap on the ‘Cancel’ option.

Once after you cancel the prompt, then you have to reset your network settings to its factory default.

Follow the steps given below:

  • Connect the Brother Printer using WPS Pin
  • Now just turn on your Brother printer by connecting it to the main power outlet.
  • Click on the option called ‘Menu’ from the ‘Control Panel’.
  • Now just click on the ‘Arrow’ symbol by selecting the network and then once you have chosen the type of network, then don’t forget to hit the Ok button.
  • Press the Same arrow button for selecting WLAN and hit the Ok button. ‘
  • Press a similar arrow button for selecting the ‘WPS w/Pin’ code and hit the Ok button.
  • Now, you’d ready to see the 8 digit pin code on your printer’s LCD panel and your device will start trying to find the access point.
  • Using the pc connected to the network, you have to type HTTP:// access point IP Address. Attend the WPS settings and enter the Pin that LCD is showing.

Follow the on-screen guidelines to proceed with the method.

If your LCD is showing connected, it means your device is successfully connected to the router and you’re ready to print a document wirelessly.


We hope that these simple steps will assist you to seek out the Brother WPS Pin on your device. If you’re still unable to seek out the WPS pin for your printer, contact the experts and obtain the professional help for establishing a successful wireless connection.

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