How Can I Fix Brother Printer Error Code TS-02?

How Can I Fix Brother Printer Error Code TS-02?

Brother Printer Error Code TS-02

When you decide to buy a printing machine, either for your business/ work purposes or for personal use, the one and the only thing that matter is the good quality of the printed document. And when it comes to good quality printing, tone brand that is world famous and has been offering its printing devices since ages is Brother Printers.

Brother Printers is an international brand known for its advanced and unique features that makes printing more fun and easier. Although, nothing comes without issues and the same goes with Brother Printers as well. There are quite a few errors that are really common while to take printouts from Brother Printers.

Brother Printer error code TS-02 is one such commonly occurring errors generally faced by the owners of the Brother Printer. The assistance needed by the people for this error is huge and due to this long list of complaints, and log waiting periods, people started finding solutions online.

This problem generally occurs when either the WLAN access point or the router is not detected by the printer while printing a document. If you are also the one facing the same problem with your Brother Printer, we are here to help you get through it.

If you are still wondering that can I fix Brother Printer error code TS-02? Then the answer to this is Yes. So, let’s see how you can do that.

Reasons Why I am Facing Brother Printer Error Code TS-02?

Out of the numerous possibilities responsible for causing Brother Printer error code TS-02, a few have been listed down below:

  • A Windows system file getting damaged
  • System file corruption
  • Installation of incomplete or inappropriate drivers for printer
  • Incomplete hardware deletion from operating device

Can I Fix Brother Printer Error Code TS-02?

Here we have the step by step solution for the Brother Printer error code TS-02. So, let’s get started.

  • Firstly, check the connectivity of the printer with your WLAN or your router.
  • The next step is to connect your printer with the internet connection by using the in-built system wireless LAN to make sure that the WLAN access point or the router is working properly.
  • Make sure to have an uninterrupted good speed internet connection.
  • A poor internet connection will not establish the WLAN access point or the router for wireless printing and thus, this will also not help in eliminating the Brother Printer error code TS-02.
  • After getting connected to a high speed internet connection, you need to move your printer nearer to the WLAN access point or the router for barrier free connectivity. This will enhance network connectivity.
  • There should not be any obstruction in the way for an intrusion free connection establishment.
  • In an ideal situation, place the Brother Printer within the distance of 3.3ft from the WLAN access point or router.
  • Check for the WLAN access point or the router using MAC address filtering or not. By the way, for the ideal condition, it should be using the MAC address.
  • After getting confirmation of the same, make sure to allow the MAC address of the Brother Printer in the filter.
  • You can also find the MAC address from the Network Configuration List.
  • If your Brother Printer is using a high range of radio signals or the range is 5Ghz, the chances of Brother Printer error code TS-02 are also high as Brother Printers are advisable to use 4GHz range of radio signals.
  • Go to the Control Panel of your Brother Printer and use the Setup Wizard option.
  • Now, mention the standard radio signal range so as to experience uninterrupted printed documents from your Brother Printer.
  • Reconfirmation of SSIB is an even more convenient method of finding any printing issues or errors.
  • In many cases, manual security information and the SSID is wrongly stored in the system that causes the error code TS-02.
  • Thus, you are required to re enter the correct SSID information.
  • You will only be allowed to proceed further, if you re confirm the security information and SSID.
  • After it’s done, restart your Brother Printer.
  • Restarting of your computer system and all other devices are also important.
  • In most cases, the error will not be there anymore. But in case if you are still getting the error, contact us without any delay.

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