How To Fix Printer Not Activated Error Code 30 On Windows 10?

How To Fix Printer Not Activated Error Code 30 On Windows 10?

Printer Not Activated Error Code 30 On Windows 10

One of the common errors occurring when you are using Windows 10 is the Error Code 30. This is usually displayed on a blue screen with a message for you to peruse. Adding to this is also the fact that this Error Code 30 probably stems from other underlying concerns relating to the printer. And it is left to one to gauge what the issue is. Now, this article has been drawn up to highlight the reasons behind why this could be happening and also suggests solutions as to what could be done to battle it. It is however a commonplace issue and one need not worry if it materializes on your device.

There are number of simple ways to remedy it and have been discussed below. But if any other problems do happen to come up, one can look at going to a service center or a shop nearby to seek help if none of the options help. However it is recommended that one try the remedies below first.

Steps to fix Printer Not Activated Error Code 30 On Windows 10

  1. First thing you should do in this scenario is make sure that the printer drivers as up to date and you have regularly been viewing the messages which come up and updating accordingly. There also come some kinds of software which lets you know if your driver is working correctly and of the changes you have to make if it isn’t.
  2. Make sure that while issuing the printing command, you have chosen the correct printer to send the instructions to. Ensure that this is done in a manual manner as well, as some errors could materialize otherwise.
  3. If required then you can uninstall the software and download it again. This has to be done only once in case there was some initializing error the first time around. One can also make sure that their settings have been changed to default if any altering had been made.
  4. One can also try to run the troubleshooter to find out if there is any other concern which is materializing due to this. What also helps for the long run is if you have an anti-virus installed on your device for work purposes. This will also prevent any other concerns from arising on your printer. Investing in anti-virus software is largely important when you purchase a printer itself.
  5. If there are any third party apps or software in your device then you must make sure to remove these as well. However there are more basic options you can try in case of the Error Code 30 display. Start out by rebooting your entire setup to start from scratch.
  6. Remove all the wire connections and put them together again. This might help you in case the wires are having a glitch or causing some errors in the overall functioning of the HP printer. However if none of these options work out, then there are HP help centres all across the world to assist you with your queries.

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