Why Brother Printer Status Not Connected?

Why Brother Printer Status Not Connected?

Brother Printer Not Connected

Brother printers offers the best quality printers that are known for providing great prints at the least possible cost. Brother printers are a great choice for both professional and personal purposes. But nothing comes without problems or issues and the same goes with the Brother printers as well. One such problem is the brother printer status not connected.

This issue starts when the brother printer suddenly gets disconnected from the computer system and thus it displays the Brother printer status not connected or Brother printer offline issue. But, the first question that is important here is why the brother printer is not printing or why brother printer status not connected.

The reasons for the arise of this problem is as follows:

• Bad USB connectivity issues
• Hardware faulty problem
• If the driver gets obsolete
• Paper jamming issues or the problem with the paper tray
• Some improper changes in the printer settings

Tips to Fix Brother Printer Not Connected

• Check for your printer being powered on or not being in the sleep mode.
• Make sure that there is no paper jamming in the printer. Also make sure that the printer tray has the enough amount of paper.
• Also check the ink toner is not low or empty.
• Check whether your computer and your printer are connected properly or not?
• In case of wireless printers, please make sure that both your computer system as well as your printer is connected to the same wireless network.
• For confirming that your Brother printer has set to default or not, you need to open the printer folder and check on the checkmark. If the checkmark is there on your printer machine, means your printer is default settings. But what if its not there? Then you have to set your printer as default by right clicking on it.
• One more reason that can lead to printer to go offline error is the long list of queued print jobs. So, clearing out all the printer jobs from the device window as well as from your printer, will resolve the issue.
• Also, make sure to check if the status of your printer on the device as well as on your printer is set as online or not?
• In case, if your device and printer has listed down a copied version of Brother printer, then you need to delete this copy of printer and make your printer as a default printer.
• The outdated, expired or non-genuine version of printer drivers and software can also make this problem take place. So, downloading the latest version of drivers and printer software can eliminate the issue.

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